Resort - I Pretti Resort - Favignana

Resort I Pretti - Favignana

Favignana is one of three of the Egadi Islands in Sicily, with Levanzo and Marettimo and the islets Maraone and Formica. 
At 15,000 miles west of the coast of Sicily, the archipelago of the Egadi Islands with Its 1,523 square kilometers, since 1999 is the largest reserve of Italy Marina and the sea, to the hydrodynamic conditions of the seabed, is among the clearest and cleanest in the Mediterranean. 
Built in 1873, the Genoese industrialist Eugenio Pretto, for storage and processing of sardines, the craft factory called "I Pretti" distorted by the name of its manufacturer, was sold in 1874 to more inspired Entrepreneur of the Florio family, Ignatius Senior. 
The charm of I Pretti Resort, finds its highest expression in the attention to detail, elegance and strong personality of its 16 Suites, 13 of which with direct access from the garden courtyard. 
In the heart of the Resort, a few meters from the intense life of the marina and the center of Favignana, opens an enchanting Mediterranean garden of over 2000 square meters, lush and quiet, where you can have breakfast, you will have the opportunity to have a drink and relax under the blue sky or under the stars. 
Take a few steps to look out in a particularly attractive setting reminiscent of the atmosphere of an old cruise ship. It is the terrace of I Pretti Resort, softened by the original nineteenth tile carpets, overlooking the deep blue sea that looks Levanzo. 
A privileged position to dominate from the entire Gulf of Favignana, with the view of the old Building, designed by Damiani Almeyda for the Florio family, the Port, the charming ancient Florio and Castle on St. Catherine mountain. 
All this, without sacrificing privacy, tranquility and glamor of an unforgettable holiday

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I pretti resort garden Favignana