Fabulous vacation on favignana island

our vision

My name is Davide Battista founder and owner of Favignana Casa & Villa Punta San Nicola. I was born and raised in Rome, however, Favignana has adopted me since 1996 where I first came on this island. In the past 20 years I spent my life wandering across the world as photographer and fashion photo shooting producer. During these years I experienced countless international cultures and lifestyles that helped me in the process of creating a unique paradise on the island of Favignana. These world adventures as well as the local Sicily culture have had a tremendous impact on the way I built and developed these houses and their complementary services.

I am your local and direct contact eager to make your Favignana’s experience as flawless and smoothest as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information you may need.

Come and experience the unforgettable Island of Favignana !! 


mobile. +39.335.337054