Scuba Diving around Favignana

Scuba Diving Favignana

With over 10 years experience in the Egadi Archipelago and a specially designed vessel to reduce the fatigue and stress of diving we will accompany you to the most attractive underwater sites of FavignanaLevanzo and Marettimowhich, together with the Formica e Maraone islets, form the largest marine reserve in Europe, renowned by experts as a cradle of biodiversity.

We have organized dives all over the world to explore shallowwaters, walls/cliffs, caves, shipwrecks and archeological sites in a professional and competent manner and we have always been regarded with appreciation and enthusiasm.

The decision to equip a boat designed for diving based in the harbour at Favignana was based on our desire to put into practice our philosophy of the SLOW-DIVE. 
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